Short Circuit and Coordination

We provide Short Circuits and coordination studies

A power system study typically consists of short circuit, coordination, and arc-flash hazard studies. While sometimes these individual areas may be considered separately they are all highly interrelated and it is recommended that these be performed at the same time and by the same entity.
Every operating scheme is essentially a completely separate power system that may have completely different fault currents, arc-flash incident energy levels, and power flow. Also, may require protective relays to be programmed with multiple sets of trip characteristics based on the scenario they are operating under.

Why RadStar?

With more than 30 years of experience doing this type of study, we start from the center of transformation until the last motor or receptacle. New designs or updates in installations are in our scope. SKM system analysis is the software of our choosing, with 50 years in the market and amazing customer service, it is an excellent tool to proceed with the calculations. Engineers keep up to date with certifications and courses in California. The best way to find and mitigate problems is on the computer where changes are less expensive than changes to equipment and there is a reduced risk of downtime before equipment is in service. With the proper software, multiple contingencies and operating scenarios can be completely evaluated ahead of time.

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