Arc Flash, Short Circuit & Coordination studies

Required for all standards, and insurance companies.

Special attention must be taken in this area. The SAFETY of the people and the vessel should be the priority. Generators and motors should be included in the analysis. Short circuits, minimum and maximum must be calculated. A mistake in any of them could lead you to similar consequences, fire, and complete loss of your boat.
Steps to follow:
· Gathering the complete information of the electric parts such as transformer, generators, cables diameters and length, circuit breaker size and settings, and motors are the primary step.
· One-line diagram: modeling the system is of vital importance to develop the study.
· Short circuit analysis: Three phases and single-phase short circuit analysis are of equal importance, depending on the loads. Every device must be taken into consideration and properly analyzed.
· Coordination between the protective devices: Modeling each device and establishing the settings points for coordination.
· Arc Flash energy analysis: After modeling each device, an Arc Flash study has to be run to obtain arc flash boundaries, the incident of energy, and PPE category.
· Final specifications, labels, and mitigation actions should be presented to the client to comply with Lloyd’s (Part 16, chapter 2, section 8.3), ABS ( 4-8-5/3.7.4(e) 5.17), or other standards.